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The Feminist Self-Help Society

Where you learn how to leave society’s stressful expectations behind … 
and start living the kind of life you won’t regret when you die.

Do you sometimes feel like your brain is thinking and feeling two totally conflicting things?

Like you can’t stop being anxious about things that your brain knows shouldn’t be such a big deal?

You know theoretically that you aren’t supposed to have to be perfect to succeed, but you can’t stop worrying about getting fired any time you make a minor mistake.

You intellectually understand that a guy you met off Tinder last week shouldn’t be in charge of your self-esteem, but you’re still checking your phone 37 times a day for a text back.

You would tell your friend who yelled at her kids that no one is a perfect parent and you’d mean it, but if you so much as snap at your kids you feel guilty and ashamed the minute the anger wears off.

You want to love your body and be nicer to yourself, but you still feel vaguely ashamed when you eat dessert two nights in a row and worry about getting wrinkles.

Kara looking up beside a bust statue.

If this is you, my friend?

You are not alone, and you are not the problem.

The real problem is something we call “The Brain Gap.”

Women crowded together over a book.

The Brain Gap = the gap between how men and women are taught to think about themselves.

Men are taught that they have value for what they can do — or often just for existing as a male in the world.

Women are taught that our value is conditional and based on what we do for other people, and what they think about us.

This produces a gap between what women want to believe about themselves, and how we actually feel. 

Women feel this gap in our day-to-day life as the endless anxiety, insecurity, and second-guessing that goes on in our brains.

Sometimes it’s so loud it drowns everything out. 

Other times we might feel empowered for a while, or in particular areas of our lives… only for that feeling to fade with time, leaving us right where we started.

And as long as we’re caught in The Brain Gap, we can never truly — fully — thrive on our own terms.

Instead, we’ll be living the life society tells us to live, chasing the approval society tells us to care about, and burning ourselves out in the process.

That’s why often, even if we get the things we want, they don’t feel as good as we were promised they would.

The Brain Gap is what stands between you and everything you want. 

(Whether that’s more confidence, more calm, more success, less drama, more body love, less mom guilt… or anything else that always feels juuust out of reach.)

The Feminist Self-Help Society is where you learn to close it.

The Society is here to help you master:

Pinpointing the connection between your thoughts and feelings — especially the ones you want to change. It might feel like you have no control over your brain’s ups and downs (been there!), but you hold more cards than you think. The Society will show you a way to stop judging your feelings, understand the impact your socialization has made on your life and choices, and learn to work with both.


A step-by-step process for permanently changing a thought (or many thoughts), appropriately called “thought work,” which creates entirely new neural pathways in your brain. The goal isn’t just to say nicer things to yourself, it’s to make the new thoughts you choose automatic, so your entire internal dialogue changes forever.

(NOTE: thought work is very different from a tool like “affirmations.” Thought work doesn’t just give you positive words to parrot — it’s designed to permanently shift what’s going on in your head.)


The art of coaching yourself, managing your mind, and living whatever kind of life you @$%-ing want. Alongside fellow students, you’ll practice self-coaching, and develop your style and approach to working through goals, desires, anxieties, challenges, and every obstacle and gift the road of life throws at you. 


Imagine your life…

With a brain that’s working FOR you, rather than against you.

A life you’ve chosen for yourself, on your own terms.

Imagine: That gap in your brain — and the negative self-talk that comes with it? They’re gone for good.

Which means better sleep, less stress, more focus, and a lot more mental and emotional energy for the rest of your life.

Imagine: Not just believing empowering ideas in the abstract, but actually feeling empowered every day. 

Which means you set that boundary, you go for that dream job, you dump that lackluster partner and find an awesome one, you kick ass at your creative pursuit.

Imagine: Giving fewer f*cks about what society has told you you have to do and who society has told you you have to be. 

Which means actually living your life the way you want to live it. Maybe you quit your job and move to the French Riviera to raise prize chihuahuas. Or maybe you’re living in the same house in the same suburb with the same family you were before, but everything feels different inside.

Photo of testimonial provider Jenni

“I feel different, lighter.”

I know I have options in how I think, 
and even with difficult thoughts that I’m still picking apart. Because I’ve had changes happen already, there’s this whiff of possibility in the air. I had been diagnosed with severe anxiety a few years ago but it feels much more manageable now.


You may have tried therapy.

You may have tried yoga and meditation.

You may even have tried other kinds of coaching.

And they probably all helped, somewhat.

But The Brain Gap can’t be closed without getting to the source of the problem: the thought patterns that repeat in your mind.

Kara Loewentheil whispering a secret to a sculpture bust.

Closing your brain gap changes… just about everything.

And our Society members are living proof.

Here’s just a taste of the shifts you can create:

(Backed up with real stories from our members.)

You show up at work as your competent, confident, bad-ass self.


You can produce great results, take risks, and handle it when things don’t go as planned. You know your worth, you advocate for it, and you knock your role out of the park. And when you go home at night, your work brain turns off just like your office light.

Photo of testimonial provider Anne


Now I’m not and I didn’t even have to quit my job to do it which seems like a miracle from where I was last year. I don’t live every waking minute terrified about what my boss is thinking and I’m actually okay with him thinking negative thoughts about me.

– Anne 
Photo of testimonial provider Devon


But most especially when it comes to dating and relationships. The person I’m dating now has all of the qualities I want in a partner. It’s a wildly different experience of dating like nothing I’ve ever done.

– Devon 

You don’t give dates who ghost you a second thought.


You love your single life, you enjoy dating, and when you’re ready to settle down you know how to find the right partner for you without all the drama and dismay.


Mom guilt? 
You’re over it.


You’re way more patient with your kids in the first place, but if you do occasionally get short with them you know how to get back on track and make amends without the spiral. 

Illustration of a female greek sculpture bust.


 I am so much less attached to my kids’ outcomes. They can be mad, they can be sad, they can fuss, and cry, and I can still feel like I’m doing just fine. I’m so much less anxious and stressed as a parent.

– Bethany
Photo of testimonial provider Kyra


 I can actually rest and take time off without shaming myself the whole time, and I’ve freed up so much brain energy that I’m now launching a business and holding down a full-time biotech job at the same time, which I would never have thought I was capable of.

– Kyra 

Ice cream two days in a row? That’s just a great weekend.

Your self-esteem doesn’t soar and dive based on what you ate that day or if your pants are tight, and you’re able to go through life with your body as your friend, not your frenemy.

Illustration of a female greek sculpture bust.


Doubled my salary

Found a job I truly love

Become my own best friend

Earned my master’s degree

Had my first romantic relationship

Completed two impossible goals

Run four 5ks, including my first 5k

Healed my platonic anxious attachment

Made enormous progress on my romantic anxious attachment

Stopped linking my self-worth and productivity

Learned to accept all of my emotions

All of these changes in circumstances pale in comparison to how different I feel as a person.

Thank you to Kara for the absolute magic you have bottled here for us.”


Are you ready to join the feminist mindset revolution? 

Thousands of women from all over the world already have. 

And we’d love to welcome you next.

Hello! Please come in, because school is in session — and I’m your teacher.

I’M KARA LOEWENTHEIL, founder of The School of New Feminist Thought and creator of The Feminist Self-Help Society. I’m the host of the internationally top-ranked podcast UnF*ck Your Brain, and the author of the forthcoming book “Take Back Your Brain: How a Sexist Society Gets in Your Head — and How to Get It Out (Penguin 2024).

My work has been featured in publications like Glamour and The New York Times, and praised on podcasts as varied as “My Favorite Murder” to “We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle.”

Portrait of Kara Loewentheil

"What happens when I join The Society?"


If you’ve joined programs like this previously and found yourself getting overwhelmed, don’t worry: we start you off on just the right foot with an orientation call soon after you join.

On this call, we’ll create a 30-day action plan based on your goals, ensuring you achieve the dream life you joined the Feminist Self-Help Society for — helping you decide where to start, which resources to look at, and which calls to attend.


This foundational course, which starts as soon as you join, teaches you the ground-breaking tools you’ll need to identify the thoughts creating negative loops, and how to change them. You’ll literally learn how to train your brain to think better thoughts.


Sex and romantic relationships, work and time management, money mindset, nervous system activation, body image, eating and exercise habits, social relationships, and much more — whatever is not working in your life, we’ve got a course to solve it.

You may have tried to work on these areas before, and may have made some progress. But if the tools you were using weren’t designed to address the Brain Gap, then there’s still going to be a gap between the life you want and the one you’re experiencing now

Kara Loewentheil sitting at a table with lots of fresh fruit.

We call our members “the owls” – because they’re just as fierce, and just as wise.

If being in community helps you stay motivated and focused, you’ll join us in our Feminist Self Help Society group on Facebook where you can post questions, share wins and challenges, get outside perspectives and support when you need it and make new friends and connections with women on the same journey as you. 


Live coaching calls with myself and the Society coaches, access to written coaching 24/7,  a private monthly call for our members who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color, a vast library of private podcasts and advice you can search whenever you want, and more.



Some students stay a few months, some stay a few years. It’s all up to you and your journey, and we’re there with you every step of the way.

“Sounds great, but will this actually work for me?”

My work was recently part of a double-blind clinical study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open.

(Yep, what the researchers studied included some of the same content and coaching that’s inside The Society.)

It showed coaching had a better outcome on measures of burnout, imposter syndrome, self-compassion, and flourishing than almost any other intervention that had been studied in some of the same populations.

“Sounds great, but will this actually work for me?”

My work was recently part of a double-blind clinical study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open.

(Yep, what the researchers studied included the same content and coaching that’s inside The Society.)

It showed coaching had a better outcome on measures of burnout, imposter syndrome, self-compassion, and flourishing than almost any other intervention that had been studied in some of the same populations.

Illustration of a female greek sculpture bust.

“Just knowing that I can take care of myself in this way is so liberating.”

I worked with two different counselors before joining The Society. They talked through what was wrong, but never gave me a concrete action that I could do to help myself. But now, being in The Society my anxiety levels have gone way down (let’s say from an 8 to a 3). I actually have tools to work through whatever’s triggering my anxiety! Just knowing that I can take care of myself in this way is so liberating.

– Allison


Illustration of a greek sculpture bust.
 The Feminist Mindset Fix

A month-long foundations course that teaches you cognitive-change tools you’ll use for the rest of your life. This is how you start to rewire your brain to heal from the effects of a patriarchal society.

Illustration of a pomegranate.
 Signature Courses

With a feminist cognitive-based approach to improving every area of your life, including work stress, money, friendships, family, relationships, time management, sex, dating, trauma, the nervous system, and more. 

Illustration of an ouroboros
 Ask the Coaches

A 24/7 anonymous written coaching forum where you can submit whatever’s troubling you and get expert advice from one of my Feminist Self-Help Society Coaches, guaranteed. 

Illustration of a cut open pomegranate.
The Library

An enormous vault of searchable coaching advice so that you can get help with any problem immediately — in both written and audio resources for all learning styles.

Illustration of a brain profile
Live Coaching Calls

Watch thought-change work happen in real time. Monthly calls with me, weekly calls with the FSS Coaches, plus extra BIPOC-only calls lead by Certified Feminist Coaches of Color. 

Illustration of laurel

Optional for those who enjoy social media communities, full of smart courageous women who love to help each other out with coaching questions, thought change tactics, and new beliefs, you’ll love our private Facebook group.

For total access to all the above — 

plus invitations to our workshops, private events, and special opportunities throughout the year… 

 Your investment is

$97 a month.

There’s no minimum commitment or maximum stay. You learn what you need, then graduate yourself any time.

I’m not the only one who’s used these tools to change my life….

Here are just a few stories from our Society students:
"I would willingly pay 5x as much for this program..."
"I would willingly pay 5x as much for this program and still find it to be a great deal! I literally could not have imagined the extent that it would change my life compared to the other self-help programs I have tried."

"I’m letting life happen and also working towards the things I actually want."
"I think the biggest thing is that I have space and quiet in my brain. Like all of that hurrying and worrying and anxiety and running around has been replaced with a brain that is allowed to think what it wants, a body that is willing to feel and process emotions, and a calm that everything will work out as it needs to. I’m letting life happen and also working towards the things I actually want. It’s been beautiful."

- Ashley
"This has changed EVERYTHING...."
"Since I joined, my life has literally changed in every way possible. I began the process of healing my childhood trauma.

But, the most important progress I have made is the relationship I have with myself. I’ve changed the voice inside my head from an abusive asshole to a fierce and nurturing best friend. This has changed EVERYTHING; from how I dress, to who I spend time with, what I focus on, the decisions I make and on and on and on."

"I’m happier in my SELF in every way."
"I’m happier in my SELF in every way. That has made the quality of all my relationships so much better. My marriage is better, kids are better, friendships too! I’m no longer kicking my own ass for so long if I fall short of a way I want to think or behave. It’s legitimately changed my life and I tell everyone about it."

"Loving myself exquisitely."
"A fantastic example of how thought work is the best thing ever is that I overcame a breakup within 3-4 months just by loving myself exquisitely, to use Kara’s term.

Understanding that there’s nothing wrong with me … was a game changer. I was able to acknowledge and therefore grow my inherent value as a lovable woman. I dated and took “exquisite care” of myself. Guess what? Eleven months after, I met my current partner."

"Every day I use a tool."
"Every day I use a tool. I have learned to observe my thoughts and feelings in a way I never even knew was possible. I have made changes to my business and relationships that have reduced my anxiety by at least a million. I recently did a professional headshot and went in with confidence instead of self-criticism. I remember when people would say that you need to love yourself and I was like, “Well how the fuck am I supposed to do that?” Now I have the tools to actually do that!"

"I've overcome my fear of success!"
"I’ve overcome my fear of success, landed a leadership role in a fantastic startup, improved my romantic relationship, recovered 90% from my people-pleasing tendencies, and am finally starting to live for myself instead of others. Now I’m in a healthy professional culture among smart, like-minded people who believe in me and want to see me succeed. I feel like my potential is quite literally UNLIMITED and I can handle anything that comes my way."

"It feels like all the secrets to the universe are inside this program. "
"It feels like all the secrets to the universe are inside this program. It also feels like a club — many times in my life I have felt super lonely. Now I know there are others in the world who believe that life can be richer and happier and aren’t content to just stay in a rut. I wanted to improve myself, uplevel myself and I didn’t know how. I was reading all the self-help books but not getting anywhere. Now I feel like I know how to improve my life and I am actively working on that."

"My husband, friends, and sister have all noticed how much happier and calmer I am. "
"I love how much it’s changed my life. My husband, friends, and sister have all noticed how much happier and calmer I am. I have such a feeling of peace now. Other people’s feelings do not derail my entire week like they used to! I’m trusting my own authority so much more and apologizing so much less (for things that aren’t my fault). I feel so much more secure and am finally starting to be the kind of friend to myself that I am to others!"

"I was able to successfully manage an international move after years of living overseas."
"I was able to successfully manage an international move after years of living overseas. Every day my brain screamed that it was too much and we’d never get it all done. Every day I told myself that small things matter, and I should do one small thing. The screaming in my brain was paralyzing, but, with the thought work tools I’d learned, I was able to accomplish it."

"Every time I have a new client consultation, I quote a higher rate."
"I’m a self-employed bookkeeper. Every time I have a new client consultation, I quote a higher rate. It’s so much fun. I’m now quoting double what I used to quote when I first got coaching. But more than that, I really trust myself more than ever. I’m learning to feel my feelings and be present with them; I’m not afraid of having feelings. I don’t get overwhelmed the way I used to. My voice inside my head is gentle and loving toward myself and everyone around me. I believe in fun possibilities, and am confident in my ability to make changes."

"I'm more comfortable in my own skin."
"I am more comfortable in my own skin. I do not see my body as my enemy any longer. I have come to understand and be able to implement some boundaries. I no longer treat my spouse and child as emotional vending machines. I have tools for self-regulation, and I use them. I have come to believe that I am not the problem, perhaps I’m a gift. I have come to believe that just because the sentence runs through my mind it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is objective truth. Doing C+ work is where it’s at!"

"My business is growing. I am more empowered with my money and the decisions"
My business is growing. I am more empowered with my money and the decisions I make with my money. I am so much more out there on social media (huge for me)! I care less about what people think and more about what I think. I don’t judge myself when I have a bad or negative thought or feeling. I allow myself to feel it and move through my body. I am so much more organised and productive! I don’t beat myself up as much if I don’t get everything done in a day. I’m getting more done using Kara’s method. I’m happier, more myself.

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"The tools I’ve learned have also radically affected my parenting."
The tools I’ve learned have also radically affected my parenting. I am so much less attached to my kids’ outcomes. They can be mad or sad, they can fuss and cry, and I can still feel like I’m doing just fine because they are allowed to have the full human experience with me or with anything else in their lives. I’m so much less “grippy” as a parent. In fact, I’m less “grippy” with every major relationship in my life, but it’s most obvious as a parent.

"I have a great time in the body I have now."
I am fantasizing less and less about how I would feel if I was thin (whatever that actually means). (On second thought Nothing. It means nothing.) I have a great time in the body I have now. I am better at daydreaming about the future I can enjoy without changing myself."

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Still on the fence about joining? 

Let me ask you one final question:


If today was your last day on earth, would you feel sure that you had fulfilled your potential?


Would you know you had done the things you wanted to do, told the truths you wanted to tell, and been the person you wanted to be?

Generations of women have lived unfulfilling, repressed, stunted lives 
because that’s all society taught them or allowed them to do.


The Society will teach you how.

You just have to be willing to turn the page and begin.

Raise your hand if you’ve got a question! Yes, you there. Go ahead. 

This is such a common question — and please don’t take this personally, but I think it’s the wrong question to ask. Women are socialized to think that they only deserve things they NEED and also that they NEED to make the right decision all the time. So we’re always trying to figure out if we “need” something to justify a decision.

But it’s not about what you need. It’s about what you WANT.

  • Do you WANT to feel less anxious?
  • Do you WANT to feel more empowered and confident?
  • Do you WANT to have absolute faith in your ability to create ANY outcome you want in your life?

If those are things you want, then that’s what matters. And that’s what The Society will provide.

Nope, you’ll notice small shifts as soon as you start this work.

After two months in The Society, you’ll start noticing that you just feel … a bit more chill.

Your emotions aren’t so much of a rollercoaster. You’re getting more done and starting to feel more confident about your abilities and your worth. You’re a little nicer to yourself. You’re spending less time scrolling Instagram feeling bad about yourself, and more time blowing your own mind with thought work in the The Society.

After four months in The Society, you’ll realize it’s been a while since you took sh*t personally.

Suddenly, without quite knowing how it happened, you just feel less judgmental of yourself and everyone around you. You won’t get freaked out when something unexpected happens, because you know you can handle it. You catch your reflection in the mirror and surprise yourself by thinking “damn girl, looking good!” You have more patience with yourself and those around you.

After six months in The Society, your brain starts coaching itself.

You’re naturally and effortlessly thinking more positive, productive, and helpful thoughts, and when you look back at your thoughts from month one, you don’t even recognize some of them anymore. You show up at work as the bad-ass you always knew you could be. You show up in your personal life as the magnetic, loving, and happy woman you always wanted to be. And most importantly you’re excited for the future, because you are so proud of the work you’ve already done that you can’t wait to find out where managing your mind and The Society are going to take you next!

And after that? The sky is the limit. And the one thing you know for sure is that The Society will be there to help you get wherever you want to go.

This is a very normal fear! We’ve all been there.

First, there’s literally no such thing as doing everything or completing it all.

When you go to college you aren’t trying to take ALL the courses, are you? No. You take the ones relevant to your interests, and when you are fully educated in that you graduate. The Society is the same.

More importantly, The Society is designed differently, because I created it in such a way that it can make a big difference in your life even with very little time spent on it. You can spend 5 minutes a day or 5 hours a week, and you’ll see results.

I’m going to let one of The Society’s members tell you how big of a difference The Society can make even when don’t have a lot of time or aren’t the joining type.


I don’t get on the website often, and I don’t participate in coaching. I read others’ posts. I listen to the weekly podcast. That’s. It. 

So let me tell you all what happened yesterday. I got walked down to HR and was told they were eliminating my position. They offered me an 8-week severance and made me turn in my badge on the spot. I have a family with two small girls. I provide the majority of our income. 

Let me tell you what also happened yesterday. I didn’t lose my shit. I stood up for myself in that meeting and told them how much of a mistake they are making. I had my own back. I never cried. I came out of there feeling empowered, confident and resourceful. I have never once felt like a victim. They are the ones who lost and this is an opportunity for me to find and work for a company who values their employees, patient quality and patient care. 

You don’t have to be a star student in this group to see the effects. Two years ago I would have been crippled with devastation and doom. I would have lived as a victim and not helped myself. I would have had a lack of confidence and felt like an imposter. 

Not yesterday!

It’s up to you. We have folks who stay for three months, folks who stay for a year, and folks who have been in The Society since the beginning several years ago. 

Your first month starts the day you join. After that you’ll be billed monthly. You can cancel at any time, whenever you want to graduate yourself from The Society and feel ready to handle life’s challenges on your own!

Absolutely not. Therapy and The Society work beautifully together. In fact, we have members in The Society who were referred to us by their therapists, because therapists are not trained in socially-programmed anxiety and feminist thought tools! No matter what kind of mental health treatment you are receiving, learning how to close the Brain Gap and resolve your socially-programmed anxiety is going to make your therapy more impactful and help your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors change more quickly.

I’m going to let one of our FSS members take the mic to answer this one. 

I just want to say that this stuff really works.

I just started a job in an industry I used to work in but stopped before I joined FSS. I’m sitting here in awe of my own brain. 

I used to be SOOO stressed out and anxious and overwhelmed in this industry and completely burned myself out. 

Now I’m calmly setting boundaries, organizing tasks, offering encouragement to coworkers, saying ” no,” and thinking thoughts that are just MAGICAL compared to how I used to exist in this space.It’s surreal.

I literally feel like I’m going through life with a different software system. My brain is noticeably different.

– Sunny 

Nope! We have members all over the world, and we try to vary the times of our live offerings to make them accessible to different time zones. Plus all coaching calls and other live offerings are recorded and replays are available on demand so you can fit us into your schedule wherever you are. 

We also have members of all different ages, from their late teens into their 70s. It’s never too early or too late to start this work.

And we welcome anyone who was or is socialized as a woman, whatever your gender or current gender expression.

That’s not a problem. There’s no loyalty oath in The Society — our whole mission is to teach you how to think for yourself and believe what you truly want to believe! We’ve got members who are ardent feminists, members who are sure they don’t want to call themselves feminists, and members who aren’t sure what they think about it. The Society is not a good fit for you if you believe that women are an inferior gender and should not have equal rights. But other than that, you’re good. 

The podcast is an amazing resource, but it was created one episode at a time over many years, so it’s more like a series of advice columns on a million different topics in no particular order. And when you listen to a podcast you can’t ask a question, get feedback on your attempts to implement what you learn, or get coaching when you’re stuck. The Society not only has teaching and tools that aren’t on the podcast, but it is streamlined and organized. The courses have been put together to focus on specific topics with Kara’s most cutting-edge concepts and tools for those topics. In The Society we’ve got everything you need, including content not on the podcast, and it’s perfectly streamlined and organized for fast, maximum change. Plus you have access to the coaching support you need to keep you moving in the right direction and using everything correctly!

But when you close the Brain Gap? When you cure socially-programmed anxiety? That’s when things really begin to change.  Don’t just take my word for it.


My work — including the same content and coaching that’s inside the Society — was part of a double-blind clinical study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association that showed coaching had a better outcome on measures of burnout, imposter syndrome, self-compassion and flourishing than almost any other intervention that had been studied in some of the same populations.


So, What does that mean for you?

Learn to cure your socially-programmed anxiety so that you can do…


We will teach you how to:

Get society’s expectations out of your head.
Decide what kind of life you really want to live.
Make it happen, and enjoy the ride.

Kara Loewentheil handing a pomegranate to a sculpture bust.
Not to get morbid but…


This is technically a  matter of life & death. After all — we all die someday. 
That’s how high the stakes of this work are. I don’t want you on your deathbed however many years from now, wishing you’d been kinder to yourself, hadn’t worked so hard, and had lived your life for YOU. That’s not far-fetched, because the research is pretty clear: those are some of the main regrets that people express when they are close to death.


So we know what we need to do now to avoid ending up feeling the same way: We have to make those changes.


That’s why I call feminist coaching “practical philosophy.” It’s a way of having the conversation we all should engage in with ourselves about what creates a good life, where we’re trying to go, and who we truly want to be.


It’s about living your life with bold intention, so that you won’t regret it when 
you die.

Illustration of a female greek sculpture bust.

I love being part of a global community of people who are all here to grow and learn and help each other. There isn’t really a part of my life that this work hasn’t improved. But the most important thing is that I feel like I’m actively living my life instead of just surviving it. It’s HUGE. It’s EVERYTHING.