From Dream to Reality: My Book Debuts as a #1 Bestseller!

It’s a little surreal to wake up and find out that your book is an instant national best seller.

Take Back Your Brain debuted at number one on the USA Today nonfiction bestseller list yesterday morning! 🎉

But between you and me, I am most proud of this: I beat out a bunch of men below me.

This incredible achievement wouldn’t have been possible without your amazing support.

If you preordered the book, left a review, or simply shared it with a friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When I set out to write this book, I didn’t do it so I could make the best seller list. I wrote it to help as many women as I could learn to change their brains and change their lives.

But it happened anyway – and all I did was what I teach you all to do: focus on what I could control.

And if you’re curious what I chose to focus on instead of making the best seller’s list? Watch the video below!

Watch the Video!

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