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Have you seen the stats on women’s mental and emotional health these days? It ain’t good.


But often it doesn’t feel that way. Often we feel anxious, insecure, exhausted, guilty, burnt out, and afraid.

But there is a way to go from feeling completely overwhelmed with self-doubt and insecurities to feeling calm, confident, and in control of your life.

It’s all inside my monthly feminist coaching program…

Have you ever wondered WHY it sometimes feels like you’re living in a split-personality brain?

Because there IS an explanation.

It's not a coincidence that:

It’s because sexism has gotten inside your brain.
Society has taught you how to think in ways that diminish, objectify, and devalue you.

The most insidious thing about society teaching you to feel bad about yourself is that you can't even tell it's happening.


You think the thoughts, and they seem like they are YOUR thoughts.

But they aren’t. They are messages from a poison bottle that you don’t know how to recognize or change. All of the political action in the world isn’t going to change that. And what happens?

In short, you smother your authentic self and desires again and again and again, all to win some prize that never comes.


We spend money and time on sh*t that don’t help us actually feel differently in the long-run. Listen, I love a good splurge at Sephora as much as anyone else. But a new lipstick isn’t going to solve my confidence problem when that problem is caused by my thought that I’m not smart enough to be taken seriously at work. Right? Right.

That’s why investing in learning how to unf*ck my brain has always been my favorite thing to do with my money, at every level.

It’s time for a feminist mindset revolution.


An online feminist coaching community.

The Clutch teaches you how to liberate yourself from the inside out. And that means:

It’s the community of women you didn’t know existed and can’t live without.

I have been in the Clutch for three years. I planned to join for one month, learn the tools and leave. I also was a person who felt like I had “tried everything” in terms of therapy/self help etc. and even the things that gave me some relief it was only temporary. I can say without a doubt the Clutch and Kara’s way of doing thought work is it for me. The work is hard, you have to be willing to go in on it, challenge yourself and also to slog out practicing thoughts you don’t yet believe. But this has changed my life. I am also still getting so much value from the Clutch, every time I think I’m done I just level up to something else.

Also – I would say I came into the Clutch thinking I needed this to “fix” myself. Now that idea feels so strange to me, which is the absolute best indication of how much I’ve changed.

We are only going to be able to create true freedom when we truly feel free.
Not just intellectually, but emotionally.
Not just in theory, but in reality too.


I went to the fanciest of schools (Harvard and Yale, in fact), I marched in all the protests, I racked up every brass ring that was out there for me (hello judicial clerkship, academic fellowships, and feminist awards). And I still felt terrible.

Eventually, in my quest to feel better (and let’s be honest, to “fix” myself because I still thought I needed fixing), I discovered life coaching. I got certified as a life coach, and then as a master coach, by the best coaching school in the world. The tools I was learning to shift my thought patterns helped, and I started to help other women with their minds.

And then I saw it. I realized that the thought patterns my clients were bringing to me weren’t isolated. They weren’t accidental. They weren’t random.

They were a product of the patriarchy. They followed specific patterns that matched how women are socialized and taught to think about themselves.

And yet every woman coming to me thought that she was different. She thought she was crazy. She thought she was alone.

What’s changed since joining the Clutch is that it feels like I’m FINALLY “making progress”. I’m FINALLY (after years of trying EVERYTHING) changing — I am changing my mind and my thoughts, which is changing how I perceive the people around me, which is changing my feelings, my actions and my entire f*cking life.


They need – we ALL need – concrete effective help getting negative social messages out of their brains for good.

I recreated all of my coaching tools using a feminist lens, and tested them on my own brain. They blew my mind, and my clients started breaking through to levels of confidence, self-love, and joy they had always imagined were possible for other women…but not for them.

Knowing intellectually about sexism doesn’t translate into self-acceptance or self-love. Because the women’s rights movement is a work in progress. But it’s not enough.


An online feminist coaching community where you can learn how to create true, authentic confidence in your own heart and mind – and bond with other bad-ass women who are doing the same.
Because you should never try to navigate a man’s world as a woman on your own.

I honestly can’t think of another mass-group where people solidly are “doing the work” in ways that never seem layered with competition, or righteousness, or unspoken judgments… It’s like a whole community of people who are the embodiment of “when you stop judging yourself, you stop judging others” kinda thing.

I can’t speak highly enough of Kara, her community, and all the chickens. It truly gives me such hope knowing the ripples growing around the world of fellow people learning how to do this stuff.


But now you have somewhere to go. Anytime. Anywhere. For anything. And a community that has your back.

Because the world is always going to be trying to profit off making you feel bad about yourself.

The diet industry alone is a 68 billion dollar a year industry in the US alone. SIXTY EIGHT BILLION. Are you f*cking kidding me? What a goddamn waste of money, time, and human potential.

You can solve your confidence problem once and for all for a fraction of what you’ll spend on diet cookbooks, cleanses, and weight loss programs over the course of your life. And unlike diets, which are scientifically proven to always fail, this sh*t works.

Feminism isn’t just about being an individual. It’s about a movement.


Conversations that dig deep.
A community that helps you grow.
Transformation that will blow your mind.
Since I joined the Clutch my life has literally changed in every way possible. I began the process of healing my childhood trauma. I left a marriage that was no longer serving me. I quit my job in the heat of the pandemic. I got certified as a life coach and completely changed my money story. I’ve become best friends with my ex-husband. I quit all the substances I was using to cope. And I did all this while watching my dear friend die of cancer, putting my beloved dog of fifteen years down, and recovering from reconstructive knee surgery. I share this because one of these life circumstances would have sent me emotionally spiraling pre-clutch. But learning the art of processing and accepting my emotions allowed me to grieve in a beautiful, clean way. But, the most important progress I have made is the relationship I have with myself. I’ve changed the voice inside my head from an abusive asshole to a fierce and nurturing best friend. This has changed EVERYTHING; from how I dress, to who I spend time with, what I focus on, the decisions I make and on and on and on.


Joining the Clutch gives you structure, accountability, and consistency in managing your mind — and that uplevels your whole life. Here’s how we make the magic happen:


Discover how to use a simple and life-changing self-coaching process to deprogram the patriarchy, build new thoughts that actually serve you, and create any change you want in your life.


Each month, you'll unlock a new in-depth course of your choosing. From Friendship & Social Anxiety, to Work & Money, to Self Love & Self Acceptance, you'll pick and choose how you want to continue to rewire your brain and transform your life.


You can participate (and get coached!) in LIVE monthly coaching calls with Kara. Our Clutch Coaches also host weekly model calls so you can be supported as you work through your thoughts and deprogram the patriarchy.


Get coaching support when and where you need it. Pop into Ask the Clutch Coaches to post your question and a coach will reply. You can also search topics to see responses to other chickens who may have had a similar question or challenge.


The patriarchy and how we're socialized affects everyone, but the BIPOC community deals with additional layers of racism and socialization. We provide 1 call per month where BIPOC Clutch members can access safe and intimate coaching. Calls are led alternatingly by Kara and a coach of color.


24/7 access to a Facebook community of like-minded women, who are all committed to evolution, growth, and empowerment and are excited to trade ideas, discuss this work, and help you apply it to your own life.

When I taught this work privately, my group program was a $10,000 investment (true story!). But you get access to all of the incredible coaching and resources inside the Clutch for just $97/month.

Let me summarize: It’s going to be your favorite place on the Internet as soon as you join.

So if I were you, I’d smash that join button now!

What’s it like to be a member of the Clutch?

After a month in the Clutch you’ll start noticing that you just feel…a bit more chill.

Your emotions aren’t so much of a rollercoaster. You’re getting more done and starting to feel more confident about your abilities and your worth. You’re a little nicer to yourself. You’re spending less time scrolling Instagram feeling bad about yourself, and more time blowing your own mind with thought work in the Clutch Facebook group.

After two months in the Clutch you’ll realize it’s been a while since you took sh*t personally.

Suddenly, without quite knowing how it happened, you just feel less judgmental of yourself and everyone around you. You won’t get freaked out when something unexpected happens, because you know you can handle it. You catch your reflection in the mirror and surprise yourself by thinking “damn girl, looking good!” You have more patience with yourself and those around you.

After three months in the Clutch, your brain starts coaching itself.

You’re naturally and effortlessly thinking more positive, productive, and helpful thoughts, and when you look back at your thoughts from month 1, you don’t even recognize some of them anymore. You show up at work as the bad-ass you always knew you could be. You show up in your personal life as the magnetic, loving, and happy woman you always wanted to be. And most importantly you’re excited for the future, because you are so proud of the work you’ve already done that you can’t wait to find out where managing your mind and the Clutch are going to take you next!

And after that? The sky is the limit. And the one thing you know for sure is that the Clutch will be there to help you get wherever you want to go.

As a reminder, here’s EVERYTHING you get inside The Clutch



The Feminist Mindset Fix

BIPOC-only coaching calls

On-demand expert guidance

The exclusive Clutch Facebook Community

When I taught this work privately, my group program was a $10,000 investment (true story!). But you get access to all of the incredible coaching and resources inside the Clutch for just $97/month.

I think the biggest thing is that I have space and quiet in my brain. Like all of that hurrying and worrying and anxiety and running around has been replaced with a brain that is allowed to think what it wants, a body that is willing to feel and process emotions, and a calm that everything will work out as it needs to. I’m letting life happen and also working towards the things I actually want. It’s been beautiful.

Are you tempted to join but worried about how you'll find time to work through all these amazing resources?

I am a bystander in this group. I don’t get on the website often, I don’t do daily models, I don’t listen in on calls, and I don’t participate in coaching. I peruse and read others’ posts. I listen to the weekly podcast. That’s. It. 

So let me tell you all what happened yesterday. I got walked down to HR and was told they were eliminating my position. After 11 years of putting my all into my job, educating pharmacists, nurses and critical care physicians, I was done. After battling through a COVID ICU for two years straight – I’m disposable. They offered me an 8 week severance and made me turn in my badge on the spot. I have a family with two small girls. I provide the majority of our income.

Let me tell you what also happened yesterday. I didn’t lose my shit. I stood up for myself in that meeting and told them how much of a mistake they are making. I had my own back. I never cried. I came out of there feeling empowered, confident and resourceful. I have never once felt like a victim. They are the ones who lost and this is an opportunity for me to find and work for a company who values their employees, patient quality and patient care.

You don’t have to be a star student in this group to see the effects. Two years ago I would have been crippled with devastation and doom. I would have lived as a victim and not helped myself. I would have had a lack of confidence and felt like an imposter.

Not yesterday!


Check Out Frequently Asked Questions Below!

We have an entire library of curated courses that will allow you to focus on the things that interest you most. We have courses on body image, relationships, money, time management and productivity, and more. Most importantly you will be learning tools that will help you manage your mind around anything that comes up for you.
The Clutch is fully customizable to whatever works best for you! You’re invited to commit as much or as little time as you’re able to do work inside the Clutch. The goal is that you keep showing up for yourself — whether that means dedicating 10 minutes a day or one hour!
There’s no set time of how long it takes to see the kind of transformation you’re looking for. Some people join the Clutch because they want to work on a single area of their lives and some join because they need to work on several areas. We have folks that graduate after three months, and others that have been in the Clutch for three years. It is up to you to decide how much time you need in the Clutch to get the full benefits from the resources and community available.
You may cancel your membership at any time.
The Clutch is a great resource to use alongside therapy and other forms of mental health support.
Yes! You can join from anywhere in the world. Our courses are set up to work with whatever time zone you live in. All coaching call replays are available on demand, and we vary the times for live coaching calls to facilitate as many people joining live as possible!
The best place to connect with other members is inside the private Clutch Facebook group. There you can post and receive coaching support from other members on whatever you are working through. You can also join member-led small groups called Coops!
In the Clutch you are able to deep dive into whatever topic you’d like to work on. You’re in charge! You will also receive support from a community of like-minded individuals also doing this work, and have access to 24-hour coaching support through our Ask the Coaches feature. The Clutch allows you to go deeper.
Yes, Kara’s coaching and teaching is done through an intersectional feminist lens. From our courses and coaching calls to the coaches that we work with, each aspect of the Clutch has been built knowing that there are intersecting identities that contribute to each person’s lived experience.
The Clutch is for anyone that has been socialized as a woman. Even if you do not identify as a woman, your socialization as a woman, and the thought patterns that come with it are addressed in the Clutch.
Yes! It is never too late (or too early) to begin thought work and change your life.
No. The Clutch courses and other resources exist within our membership site. The optional Facebook group is for those that would like to add a community element to their Clutch experience.
Yes! In the Clutch, 1:1 private coaching with one of the Clutch coaches is available for a much lower investment than you can find anywhere else. Each coach has been trained by Kara in her coaching philosophy.
Kara hosts monthly coaching for our Clutch members. Members submit their coaching questions and apply to be coached live on the call.

As a reminder, here’s EVERYTHING you get inside The Clutch



The Feminist Mindset Fix

BIPOC-only coaching calls

On-demand expert guidance

The exclusive Clutch Facebook Community