Check out this curated list of goals and resolutions episodes of the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast to learn how managing your mind is the best way to meet and exceed your goals, and (dare I say?) have some fun along the way!

UFYB 10:

Making and Keeping Resolutions

UFYB 36:

Antidotes to Perfectionism (Other Focus + Minimum Baseline)

UFYB 110:

Dating, Perfectionism & Anxious Attachment

UFYB 113:

Listener Q&A: Goals, New Year Resolutions, Dating, Love & Sex

UFYB 166:

Perfectionism & Achieving Impossible Goals

UFYB 177:

Best Teachings from Clutch College — Goals, Results, and Your Future Self

UFYB 197:

Goal Setting Challenges + Solutions: Listener QA

UFYB 203:

Goal Sobriety & Habit Formation

UFYB 217:

The Problems With Most New Year’s Resolutions: A Conversation with Caroline Dooner of the F*ck It Podcast

UFYB 218:

New Year’s Resolutions are Perfectionist Fantasies: A Conversation with Victoria Myers of the Nourishing Women Podcast