“Sounds great, but will this actually work for me?”

My work was recently part of a double-blind clinical study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open.

(Yep, what the researchers studied included the same content and coaching that’s inside The Society.)

It showed coaching had a better outcome on measures of burnout, imposter syndrome, self-compassion, and flourishing than almost any other intervention that had been studied in some of the same populations.




Enjoy your summer — then join us to harness the “back to school energy” this September for:

Your Feminist Future Self Workshop: 

Change Your Life, Change the World

September 8, 2024 

Hosted on Zoom

(Replay Available)

In The Happy Feminist Challenge, you’ll learn how to access joy, pleasure, and deep, deep rest in a society that has literally programmed our brains to feel guilty, selfish, and lazy when we do.


This is the first step to changing your thinking … but how do you know what to change your thoughts TO?


If your thoughts are the GPS to your life, how do you know what destination to program in?


That’s where connecting to your “future self” comes in.


Or, as I teach it, connecting to your feminist future self.


Not because your future self needs to become a feminist activist (although it’s awesome if she wants to).


But because your future self is the version of you that exists after you’ve shed the patriarchal programming that is holding you back.


The programming that keeps you worrying more about what other people think than what you think.


The programming that keeps you putting off anything that seems risky because failing would feel so shameful — even if you know that temporary failure is crucial to ultimate success. 


The programming that tells you to put everyone else before yourself, and that it’s ok to backburner your own dreams, passions, and goals to take care of everyone else forever. 


This kind of programming keeps women living far from the edge of what their capacities, talent, and potential would truly allow them to do. 


I have used the technique of connecting to my feminist future self to create every outcome and every emotional growth pattern in my life.


  • Starting a business from scratch with no training and turning it into a multi seven-figure company. 


  • Going from anxiety-ridden, dead-end dating and situationships to being engaged to a truly committed, equal, smart, handsome, funny, and yes, feminist man. 


  • Healing my relationship with food and my body enough to stop binging and purging and build a consistent movement routine. 


  • Going from crying in the bathroom at least once at every family event to actually being able to enjoy time with my family — and to opt-out without guilt when I don’t. 


  • Creating an internationally top-ranked podcast, getting a major book deal, and orchestrating a huge debut book campaign while also running my business in the middle of an economic shake-up. 


  • Embracing curveballs I didn’t expect, like becoming a step-parent after being intentionally childless for decades.


  • Learning to love not only what I see in the mirror (my external self) but who I am inside — becoming my own best friend in the process. 

Every single one of these accomplishments — and the dozen others I haven’t listed — required me to connect to my feminist future self. 


And now I’m going to teach you to do it too. 


On September 8, 2024, I’m hosting a workshop all about this process. 

Your Feminist Future Self: 

Change Your Life, Change the World

September 8, 2024 

Hosted on Zoom

(Replay Available)

And you can get a ticket to this workshop for only $20 if you buy right now!

Kara’s live teaching and what she brings are like nothing I’ve ever seen. She is real, funny, and has been doing thought work long enough to really easily coach others and make such a great impact. The work is so refreshing, empowering, and more. Thank you!!!



I normally only teach full-day workshops inside The Feminist Self Help Society, where they are only open to our annual members who have invested almost $1,000 — or more — over the course of their time with us. 

But this is your chance to experience it for only $20. 

At the workshop, you’ll pick an outcome you really want to create in your life — mental, emotional, relational, physical, professional, artistic, financial — whatever it is.

And I’ll teach you how to connect to your feminist future self to create it. 

I loved watching Kara coach. It’s magical! Her coaching is a blend of compassion and tough love and straightforward logic that makes you laugh, cry, and want to go forth and be unstoppable. I left her event feeling energized, just by working on my own thoughts throughout the day based on Kara’s coaching of others.


Your feminist future self is waiting. Don’t you want to meet her? I know I do.

I knew that the event I attended would be great, but it exceeded all my expectations. The coaching was really powerful: Seeing Kara cut through all the different kinds of BS that our brains come up with is so helpful, and I know that I will get something different out of it every time I go back to watch it again.