Society has told us who to be for far too long.

Now it’s our turn to decide.
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Welcome. I’m Kara Loewentheil. 


I’m a NYT bestselling author, Ivy League women’s rights lawyer turned Master Feminist Coach, practical philosopher, and the founder of The New School of Feminist Thought.  

I teach women how to change the way society has taught them to think about themselves so they can do… whatever they fucking want. 


My top-rated podcast, UnF*ck Your Brain, my coaching program, the Feminist Self-Help Society, and my NYT bestselling book, Take Back Your Brain, all help women live life on their own terms — so they won’t regret their choices when they die.

Does that sound dramatic? Maybe. But it’s true.

Women have been socialized for thousands of years to spend all of their time and energy trying to live up to impossible social expectations.

We’re supposed to look perfect but not care about our appearance because then we would be vain. We’re supposed to parent like we don’t have jobs and work like we don’t have kids. We’re supposed to try to make everyone happy but not be a people-pleaser. We’re supposed to be independent career women who can support ourselves, but also make sure to get married or else we’ll die alone and unloved.
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The list of contradictions goes on and on — 
and so do our futile attempts to conform to them well enough to finally feel ok about ourselves at the end of each day.

Around here we call that the “Brain Gap.”

That’s the gap between how men and women are taught to think about themselves, 
and it produces the gap so many women experience between how they want to think and feel about themselves and how they actually do.

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YOU KNOW THAT NAGGING VOICE IN YOUR HEAD that is always telling you that you haven’t done enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re doing it wrong, and you’ll probably die alone? Some of us hear it once in a while, some of us are playing that soundtrack all day long.

But those of us socialized 
as women all experience this phenomenon, which I call “socially-programmed anxiety.”

And it never, ever goes away on its own. Because it’s caused by the Brain Gap. 
So you have to close your very own Brain Gap to get rid of it.

SPOILER ALERT: You’ll never be able to close that gap, cure socially-programmed anxiety, and find self-acceptance by living up to the expectations set by the men who created a sexist system.
“I’m so glad I spent all that time worrying about 
losing five pounds and whether my boss was mad at me…”
said no woman on her deathbed EVER. 

When you get to your final moments, I want you to feel that your life was well-lived.

Our mission at The School of New Feminist Thought is to teach women (and people socialized as women) how to figure out what the good life means for them, and how to get it.

Maybe you want to climb the corporate ladder and become the CEO, or maybe you want to quit your 9 to 5 and start a goat farm. Either way, you’re going to have to take charge of your own life to do it — and that means taking charge of your own brain, and personal philosophy.
The School of New Feminist Thought Crest with an illustration of a female bust in the center.
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How do I know this works?

Well, in addition to having taught and coached thousands of 
women, my work was part of a national randomized clinical trial published in The Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open*, the leading medical journal in the country, that showed this approach reduced burnout and imposter syndrome and improved self-confidence and flourishing. If you want some of that, you’re in the right place.

*My work was part of a national randomized clinical trial published in The Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open.

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This feminist coaching program is how you learn to close your very own Brain Gap and live a life you won’t regret when you die. Self-help is always how women have changed their own lives, because society ain’t gonna to do it for us.
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