Podcast Episodes

Bonus: Feminist Dating Advice with Lily Womble

Feminist dating coach Lily Womble and I explore how society trains women to think and behave when looking for a partner(s), and if feminists should even want to find a partner at all. We discuss dating apps and why they are both useful tools and addiction-creating slot machines, how to navigate the dating world with your values and true desires at the forefront, and how to give yourself the radical permission you crave to go after what you want.

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345: What is Happiness?

Learn about the two different kinds of happiness and why there is so much confusion around them. I share how you can be both a feminist and a happy person, and why part of taking our brains back from the patriarchy is learning how to create the emotion of happiness for ourselves.

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344: Mentally Strong Women: An Interview with Amy Morin

Amy Morin’s personal journey through grief and loss led her to uncover the secrets to mental strength, and she’s here to share her wisdom on building unshakeable confidence. We talk about the societal pressures that make women doubt themselves, explore fascinating research on how boys and girls are treated differently from a young age, and share some practical tips to help you stop self-doubt in its tracks and truly own your brilliance.

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