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Already fell off the wagon with your 2024 goals?
This is how you get back on track.

February 7-9, 2024

2 p.m. ET

It’s officially 2024.
Do you know where your resolutions are?

(Cue the 1990s TV public service announcement music, IYKYK).

Listen, if you’re suddenly realizing you left yours at the gym that one time you went in the first week of January, or that you might have misplaced them somewhere on the way to the wine store you swore you’d be avoiding, you’re not alone.

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It’s easy to set resolutions.

It’s hard to keep them. 

Not because you lack willpower or discipline or even the perfect mindset routine.

But because you don’t know how to get your brain on board with change.

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Brains do NOT like to shake things up. Brains prefer to keep doing whatever they have been doing, even if it … well, sucks.

So getting your brain to change is always a bit of an uphill battle.

The good news is that it’s totally doable if you understand how to choose your goal, frame your goal, and execute your goal.

The bad news is that most of us don’t know how to do any of that in a way that will actually help us succeed.

So if you set some resolutions for 2024 that already feel like they are slipping away, you’re not alone.

And more importantly, it’s not too late.

Kara Loewentheil leaning on a table inbetween various sculptures.

I know that the perfection monkey in your brain is screaming, “Give up! It’s too late! It’s over! Try again next year!”

But there are still eleven months left in this year. The year is only 8% over! We’ve got 92% of it left to spend either giving up on ourselves or changing our lives.

What would change if you kept your resolution for the rest of the year?

It’s possible. But you can’t just tell yourself to “try again” when you don’t really understand why you failed or what to change.

You need to understand why your brain kicked you off the wagon, and how to grab the reins and get back on.

That’s why I created the brand new

Get Back on the Wagon Challenge.

This challenge is designed to teach you the three core skills you need to set and achieve any goal — even one you’ve tried to set and achieve in the past!

Kara Loewentheil whispering a secret to a sculpture bust.

Skill 1: Choose the right goal for the right reasons.

When you pick a goal based on shame, inadequacy, or any other negative emotion, it’s 10x harder to achieve. But that’s how most of us do it. So I’m going to teach you how to connect to your values and choose a goal that comes from a positive motivation. 

Skill 2: Frame the goal the right way.

Even if you have the right goal, the way you frame the goal to yourself matters. It needs to be very specific but also realistic, and that’s the part where most people struggle because our perfectionist fantasy brains don’t like either of those things. I’m going to teach you how to really dial in exactly how to articulate and frame the goal so you can actually achieve it.

Skill 3: Create the right plan.

Resolutions are the perfect example of how failing to plan is planning to fail. You have to plan for the easy days and the hard days, the success and the failures. I’m going to teach you how to brainstorm obstacles and how to make sure they don’t take you down so you have a foolproof plan.

A free ticket to my Resolutions Masterclass: How to Fail Forward

When you register for this challenge you’ll get a ticket to my Resolutions Masterclass: How to Fail Forward, which will immediately follow the challenge on February 10th. 

In this masterclass I’m going to be teaching you a simple process for recovering from missteps, learning from failures, and continually adapting your resolution plan. After this class you won’t be able to fall off the wagon again, because the wagon will turn with you every which way you go.

PLUS, not only will I be teaching and coaching live each day, but when you register for this challenge you’ll get an epic Get Back on the Wagon workbook that contains the instructions for this entire process, so you always have it available to choose, frame, plan, and execute any goal for the rest of your life.

I’ve used the same method I’m teaching in this challenge and sharing in this workbook to achieve every epic goal in my life:

  • Quitting my safe, prestigious career as an academic to become a life coach on the internet (does NOT sound like it should have worked out, does it?!).
  • Building a seven-figure business in my first three years of coaching.
  • Getting over my perfectionist paralysis to create an internationally top-ranked podcast and get a major book deal.
  • Transforming my body loathing into body love, and having the best sex of my life as a result.
  • Going from someone who never worked out to someone who has lifted weights twice a week every week for more than six years now.
  • Working through my immense dating drama to find and get engaged to my partner as two imperfect humans who manage to be perfect for each other.

So believe me when I say whatever you want to resolve to create, this challenge will help you do it.

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Goal achieved today! I previously had the thought that I couldn’t follow through on 30-day workout programs, but once I gave myself permission to take all of 2023 to accomplish this goal, VOILA! Challenge completed today!

Previous me would have quit after missing a day, saying that it had to be consecutive, or discounted doing it because it “wasn’t enough” or beat myself up because I couldn’t do all the movements, but [Society] Me says SUCCESS! And that I can’t wait to see what I can achieve next! – Eryn

These tools are normally only available inside The Feminist Self-Help Society, my coaching classroom and community.

But for this week only, I’m making them available to everyone, at an even more accessible price. 

It took me twenty years, two Ivy League degrees, and tens of thousands of dollars in coaching to learn and create the system I will be teaching in the Get Back on the Wagon Challenge. When I only taught this work privately, a group program with me cost $10,000 (true story!).

But you have the chance to learn it in just a few days, for just $37.

That’s about the cost of a coffee shop cold brew for a week. 

It’s less than the amount you usually “accidentally” spend when you go to Target for paper towels and leave with a cart full of extra yoga pants and face cream you don’t really need.    

And unlike the tenth pair of leggings that are just like your other 9 pairs, this challenge is going to give you something you can’t get anywhere else.

Now that you understand why this is a game-changer, here’s all the info you need to prepare:

Join me each day, February 7-10, at 2 p.m. ET for 60 minutes of training and Q+A, plus a bonus masterclass.

You’ll receive a brand-new workbook full of bite-size exercises you can do during the trainings. (No extra time commitment!)

Plus, you’ll get access to our exclusive, private Get Back on the Wagon Challenge Facebook group where you can connect with fellow participants, ask questions, share takeaways, and more!

Get Back on the Wagon is THE BEST thing you can do for yourself this year if you want to crack the code to stop abandoning your goals and see them through to the end — without everything having to go perfectly and without beating yourself up.

Join the other women who have used the power of changing their thoughts to achieve goals they never thought possible.

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I can generate love for myself and others ON DEMAND. I can be myself, achieve zero goals and still be a positive influence on others. I am so happy with my life right now and the direction it is going. I have since managed to make goals that make sense to me (with no rush) and I can already see the impact. Thank you so much coaches for helping me get unstuck. I love you all because you help me and others achieve our goals. – Laetitia