Led by founder Kara Loewentheil, KL Coaching, Inc’s mission is to empower women to undo the effects of evolutionary biology + social conditioning on their brains so they can create true authentic confidence from within.

We are committed to bringing more diversity, equity, and inclusion into the coaching and personal development industry by empowering BIPOC, women, and other marginalized groups to liberate their brains from oppressive belief systems and by modeling J.E.D.I. (Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) principles in our workspace. We especially encourage applications from members of historically marginalized communities.

Studies show that men will apply to jobs when they believe they meet 40-60% of the qualifications, while women will usually only apply to jobs when they believe they meet 90-100% of the qualifications. We encourage members of any marginalized group, including women, who question their qualifications when they are not at 100% to apply anyway.


Our Mission

We teach women to change their thinking so they can do… whatever they f*cking want. 


Our Values

We walk our talk every day. Our business decisions, public communications, program delivery, customer service, and internal interactions align with our values and teachings. 

We pursue self-liberations for all. We bring an intersectional feminist lens to our walk our business and out work.

We are pro-excellence and anti-perfection. Our goal is A- and out the door. 

We show up with heart for our clients and our mission. 

We see the big picture and celebrate the little things too. 

Current Openings:

There are currently no open positions.

As a Contractual Society Coach at KL Coaching, Inc., you will help members of The Feminist Self-Help Society community uplevel their thought work by providing written coaching, 1:1 coaching, and group coaching and teaching. 



This is a contracted role for 15-20 hours of work as a Society Coach providing written coaching, 1:1 coaching in The Feminist Self-Help Society, our online feminist coaching community. You are expected to respond to 60-80 written coaching questions per week (an approximately 5 hour time commitment per week), with a turn-around time of 2 business days per answer, and have availability for a 1:1 coaching client load of 20 clients (1:1 coaching calls are 25 minutes, an approximately 10 hour time commitment per week), The remaining hours would be spent participating in additional The Feminist Self-Help Society and/or coaching activities hours including engaging in The Feminist Self-Help Society Facebook Group.  


This job is right for you if you:

  • Are committed to using coaching tools to liberate women from the effects of patriarchy and other forms of oppression on their brains.
  • Are committed to justice, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. You believe that revolutionary social justice work begins in our minds. You are knowledgeable in anti-racist and social justice frameworks OR you are interested and willing to educate and be educated in these frameworks.
  • Have experience with mindset coaching using the CTFAR model taught and licensed by the Life Coach School. Being a graduate of the Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching and/or member of The Feminist Self-Help Society or one of Kara’s previous small coaching groups is a plus.
  • Have deep interest in Kara’s specific approach to thought work and have used this approach in your own self-coaching or in coaching others.
  • Love coaching and see the potential of coaching tools to be part of a global liberation movement for women and other marginalized groups.
  • Apply these tools to yourself and have an active self-coaching practice.
  • Are resourceful and are committed to a growth mindset.
  • Are looking to be a part of a growing company and are comfortable working independently with a high level of trust.
  • Are inspired by our company values.


This job is not right for you if you:

  • Prefer to “stay out of politics” or think that being a social justice warrior is an insult.
  • Require a high degree of supervision and handholding.
  • Are emotionally reactive to receiving feedback on your work.
  • Aren’t comfortable coaching in:
    • 1:1 live format
    • Written format
  • Don’t coach yourself.
  • Struggle to work remotely and to manage your own schedule.
  • Tend to blame other people when anything goes wrong and think that taking responsibility for a mistake is embarrassing.
  • Have a lot of mind drama about your 1:1 coaching skills or around coaching clients live.



The core result of this contracted position is providing industry-leading quality coaching to The Feminist Self-Help Society members. The Society Coach models and upholds a positive and educational tone in The Feminist Self-Help Society Facebook group and membership site and enables students to learn how to use the coaching tools correctly and advance their own self-coaching. The Feminist Self-Help Society coach fosters a friendly supportive community atmosphere wherever The Feminist Self-Help Society members are gathered, online and in-person.




  • Provide live 1:1 coaching to The Feminist Self-Help Society members in private sessions.
    • Note: Specific days will be negotiated based on the availability of all coaches hired for this position so that there is coverage in Ask the Coaches and for our 1:1 clients; your offer for this role is conditional on our ability to reach an agreement on your minimum coverage days.
  • Provide written coaching and model feedback in our online “Ask the Coaches” forum daily, Monday through Friday.
  • Monitoring The Feminist Self-Help Society Facebook group
    • This includes occasionally responding to direct mentions and other comments; monitoring reported posts and escalating when needed; and directing members to the appropriate contact for technical or customer service posts.



  • Regular self-coaching practice.
  • Excellent grasp of the CTFAR model.
  • Strong familiarity with Kara’s teachings and demonstrated ability to apply them.
  • Enthusiasm for coaching beginners and helping them learn how to coach themselves.
  • Availability to participate in The Feminist Self-Help Society at 20 hours a week.
  • Some availability within regular business hours (10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET). Some evening or weekend availability is a plus.
  • LCS Certification strongly preferred; current students or graduates of the Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching especially encouraged to apply.



This is a contractual position for 15-20 hours per week for $45/hour. The position is open to coaches within and outside of the U.S.




We are looking to fill this position ASAP. 

Please submit the following to by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, January 21st to be considered:

  1. Your resume (saved as a PDF & attached to your application email).  Please include if you are a LCS Certified coach, when you received your certification, number of clients you have coached as well as any additional certifications received. Please title your resume in the following format: Last name_First name_Society Coach Contractor Resume
  2. One paragraph about your favorite Unf*ck Your Brain podcast episode, explaining why you chose it. One set of Unintentional and Intentional Models from your own recent self-coaching that is NOT about applying for this job (saved as a PDF & attached to your application email).  These should be models you have not workshopped with anyone else and have not worked through with a coach yet. Please title your podcast and model PDF in the following format: Last name_First name_Society Coach Contractor Podcast and Models.
  3. A 5-10 minute video segment of you coaching a client (uploaded to this link: Please title your video in the following format: Last name_First name_Society Coach Contractor Video
  4. When you’ve completed the above components, please send an email to with your resume, podcast paragraph and coaching models PDFs attached. Please use the subject line: First Name Last Name Society Coach Contractor Application


You will be notified via email if you have been selected to move onto the next round of applications or not.