There are many great places to donate and many good resources to read, but since overwhelm leads to inaction I am sharing a short list of resources to help educate yourself and create change.

  1. Listen to my podcast episodes: UFYB 31: What About Sexism?, UFYB 102: Internal Bias & Being a Better Ally
  2. Watch this Facebook Live I hosted on how to use thought work to become more antiracist:
  3. Read and complete The Racial Healing Handbook by Anneliese A. Singh.

  4. Make a donation to a bail fund:
    The National Bail Fund Network has a full directory of bail funds by state here:
    ActBlue has setup a donation link that will let you simultaneously send money to up to 37 nationwise bail funds:
  5. Mireille Charper (@mireillecharper) put together a great list of resources for further education:

    No White Saviors (@nowhitesaviors)
    Layla Saad (@laylafsaad), author of Me and White Supremacy
    Rachel Cargle (@rachel.cargle)
    Check Your Privilege (@ckyourprivilege)
    Rachel Ricketts (@iamrachelricketts)
    The Great Unlearn (@thegreatunlearn)
    Reni Eddo-Lodge (@rennieddolodge)

    Ibram X. Kendi (@ibramxk)

Additionally, I recommend checking out Trudi Lebron (@trudilebron), a business coach for activists who created a workshop for white coaches interested in applying antiracist principles to their businesses