Until the last couple of years, I hated having my photos taken, no matter where they were shot, what I was wearing, or how I looked.  All I saw in them were my flaws: my frizzy hair, double chin, belly rolls my height… you name it. The self-criticism was endless, and the family events and online dating were a nightmare.

After doing some self-coaching work on myself and applying some of the tools that I will share with you on today’s episode, I am now able to genuinely see myself as being photogenic without lying to myself. Join me as I share my favorite brain hacks for learning to love how you look in photos (as well as real life) and transform your life forever!

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The real problem with unrealistic images of women in the media.
  • How to use exposure therapy to help you like how you look without going on a “media fast”.
  • The importance of understanding that a photo is just one perspective of you.
  • Thought work tools to help you like the way you look in photos and in real life.

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