After about six months in business, I started getting hired by other coaches and entrepreneurs to do what one of them called, “yell at me about my pricing.” Essentially, I coached them to stop undervaluing and underpricing their offerings and start making more money.

As I was doing this coaching, it quickly became clear to me that most of us have a totally unconscious relationship with money and, often, a negative one… We worry about money, we think that we don’t have enough, we don’t think we know how to make more.

On this episode, I want to dig into the reasons why we have such a poor (pardon the pun) relationship with money and share my personal story of how I shifted my money beliefs through coaching. Join me as I share the most important money mindset shifts that you can implement to become more successful in your business and your career.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how to begin fixing your three biggest money mistakes today and stop leaving money on the table!

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What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why our unconscious money beliefs are holding us back from being hugely successful.
  • The story of my money mindset and how it shifted after doing my transformational coaching work.
  • The importance of understanding that the scarcity mindset does not produce conservation of a resource like money.
  • The high price of not being willing to feel uncomfortable.
  • Why you MUST re-frame your thinking about spending money and how to do it.
  • Why money is NOT about gratitude or deserving.

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