Do you know how to solve your own problems?

I don’t mean “getting someone else to solve them for you” (though asking for help can certainly be a part of the process).

I don’t mean “how to google for an answer” (ditto).

I don’t mean “ignore it and hope it solves itself.”

I mean encountering something you truly don’t have a clue what to do with, and figuring it the f*ck out.

Resourcefulness is one of the biggest assets you need to live an incredible life.

But so many of us have brains that just throw up their metaphorical hands and want to die whenever the smallest hurdle arises.

Learning to be resourceful is a skill that your growth, your success, the quality of your life depends on.

Look, I get it.

We live in the age of Google and instant gratification.

We expect to have answers handed to us on a digital platter.

But your brain is the most powerful problem-solver there is. You have the world’s most powerful computer in your skull, and some of you aren’t using it.

I can’t tell you how often I get a DM asking me something that someone could easily find on my website.

What coaching school did you go to? (Answer: the one listed on my website and mentioned in my podcasts.)

Do you have a podcast episode on jealousy? (Answer: Yes, the podcast episode titled “Jealousy” that can be found on my website, in iTunes, and via google.)

Do you have any suggestions for how I can become a coach? (Answer: Did I mention that google thing yet?)

I’m not sharing this to complain or even to dissuade you from messaging my team.

I’m not the one who is suffering here. I hire people to answer emails, and they don’t mind answering them. It’s not a problem for me.

It’s a problem for YOU.

You are selling yourself short. You are shirking responsibility for your own life.

You are training yourself to give up rather than figure sh*t out.

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

So if you don’t take responsibility for figuring out something small, I can guarantee you won’t take responsibility for figuring out something big.

Just about every week, someone posts in the Clutch about how something or other has changed in their life, and so they think they need to cut the $97 a month that the Clutch costs from their budget.

And I always comment, “Sure, you could quit the Clutch…or you could use these mind management and problem-solving tools the materials teach to figure out how to make an extra $97 a month to cover your membership instead.”

It blows their mind, every time. Because they just haven’t even tried to solve the problem that way.

Every single one of you is capable of coming up with a way to make $97 a month if you focus on it. And with the coaching tools in the Clutch? Y’all are capable of making a whole lot more than that.

Of course, you can only see that level of possibility if you are looking at your problem with a resourceful mind.

A resourceful mind sees possibility everywhere. It believes that everything is figure out-able.

A resourceless mind sees nothing but problems. It believes that it is helpless and that other people have all the answers.

When you are resourceless, you are ignoring the incredible possibility that exists in your own brain.

Some of us are way too comfortable being helpless. Being confused. Looking to other people for answers. Giving up at the first obstacle. Giving up on YOURSELF and your ability to FIGURE IT OUT.

Anything in life that is worth doing is going to require you to macgyver your way through situations that seem impossible when you first look at them.

If you are feeling attacked right now, I have good news for you.

Resourcefulness is a LEARNED SKILL.

It’s not a gene you’re either born with or lack.

It is a way of thinking.

You can develop it with PRACTICE.

If I could deliver an electric shock every time you whined about something without changing it, or sat in confusion without challenging yourself to make a decision, or absolved yourself of responsibility for your own damn life, I would.

But since I don’t want to deal with the legal fees involved with that, just imagine my voice as your personal electric shock.


What are you expecting someone else to solve for you right now?

What are you feeling helpless about?

The next time you feel helpless and want to give up, imagine me yelling STOP DOING THAT.

Then ask yourself:

  • What if I just assumed that I could solve ANY problem in my life? 
  • What if I assumed I could ALWAYS figure out an answer? 
  • What if I assumed that there were INFINITE ways to get what I want?

How would your life change if you genuinely believed that there was a solution and that you were perfectly capable of figuring it out, no matter what the problem?

Solve a problem this week and find out.